After Open Heart Surgery I opted for CBD Hemp Oil to control my blood pressure, anxiety and inflammation

Going into open heart surgery June 15, 2016

I had open heart surgery to repair both heart valves. I was on Beta Blockers for 6 months after surgery. I wanted off because they slowed down my metabolism. My Cardiologist insisted I stay on until my heart was completely healed. So, after gaining 12 pounds no matter how much I exercised in Cardiac rehab, I gained 12 pounds. He took me off and said eventually I may need to go on blood pressure meds. 

Started Cardiac Rehab July 19th 2016

While in Yoga class, I heard a lady talking about CBD Hemp Oil. Turns out she was a Naturopath who told me that the Oil helps with anxiety, depression and that fight or flight feeling that makes you feel like you're having a panic attack.  She sold me a bottle of Prime my Life Hemp Oil for $150.00. She gave me the website for Prime my Life Hemp Oil, where I could sign up as an affiliate and buy for wholesale, $ 119.00. It was a better deal so I signed up. 

finished Cardiac Rehab November 21 2016

It's been a month now since I started taking the Oil and my blood pressure dropped 20 points at my last appointment with my Cardiologist. It was still borderline high, but he said, it hadn't gone up. He still wanted to give me blood pressure meds. I said no. I want to see if the Oil along with Yoga and meditation can control my blood pressure. 

Besides my anxiety level going way down the inflammation in my lower back is just about gone. I have had a bad back for years. I take Aleave, use a lumbar brace when it's really bad, lay on hot packs and ice and of course do Yoga. But that just managed it. the CBD Hemp Oil actually has stopped the ache and now I practically jump out of bed like I was a teenager.

Started taking Prime my Life Hemp Oil August 27th 2017

This is only one month of taking my Hemp Oil. I will give another report in another 30 days. But, for now all I can say is I feel good and I'm in a good mood, not much bothers me. If you're interested in reading about Prime my Life Hemp Oil and buying it either retail or wholesale, here is the link. 


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  3. I'm researching CBD oil after open heart surgery for my husband. He also suffers from chronic pain (4 damaged discs, torn rotator cuff) and PTSD. His blood pressure is under control and I don't think it was ever off the charts. Personally, I don't think cholesterol is the problem. I think inflammation is the culprit. The cholesterol is just trying to 'fix' the inflammation. But I digress. I've read that beetroot juice is very effective in lowering blood pressure. Well worth your time to research. :)

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