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6 Things To Know About CBD (Newbie Guide)

If you got here then you likely don’t know much about CBD. But since it’s growing in popularity it might be a good thing to learn a little. So let’s check what CBD actually is and what it does. 1. It is a compound of marijuana This is the main basic fact about CBD. It is derived from marijuana and has about the same effects, except it is mostly sold in the form of oils. It makes people relaxed and calm. But the thing is: CBD is completely safe and barely has any risks. It’s a non-psychoactive compound, which means that you don’t get high from it. You don’t become unpredictable, you don’t have a sudden increase in appetite and most importantly: you do not consume THC (a highly psychoactive compound that comes with a ton of risks). 2. It can be a cure for certain conditions CBD has been proven to reduce or completely stop the effects of some diseases. Many people consider it to be the next step in modern medicine, as it can help with a ton of things. Which includes

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