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With over a 90% absorption rate, this 100% CBD HEMP OIL enters the blood within seconds.

Where to buy Prime my Body 100% CBD Hemp Oil New Potent Hemp Oil with a Unique Liposome Delivery System!Dr. Christopher Shade is the Founder of Quicksilver Scientific and is known as the leading chemist and innovator in the cannabis space.
This hemp oil is nanoemulsified with a liposomal delivery system.
The result, it has over a 90% absorption rate; entering the blood within seconds.
You'll get a higher amount of these vital nutrients (at a lower price) which are necessary for bringing the body back to homeostasis.

This formula is only available through a PrimeMyBody representative.
Supplement Facts
The Hemp Extract (stems and stalks) increased from 21mg to 24 mg.
The Phytocannabinoid Diols increased from 12mg to 16mg. This product works quicker, more effectively than any hemp oil product available today.

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