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CBD Oil, kept me emotionally stable and out of pain during the worst year of my life.

I have been taking CBD Oil from Prime my Body for a year now. It kept my emotions stable during a horrible time, caring for my sister, who was dying of Cancer. I was able to be fully present for her, without my grief taking control of heart and soul and not being able to be strong.

 After she passed away last January, 2018, I was able to go through the process of eliminating her estate, give here a beautiful memorial and stay strong for my family. The CBD Oil, helped with the depression and anxiety as well as the inflammation in my back, that normally cause pain and keep me down.

 Now that things have settled down a bit, I decided to stop taking my CBD Oil and see if I could get along on my own. Within a week, the anxiety, loss of sleep, depression, back aches and grief compounded. I'm not myself, I'm tired and depressed and want to isolate instead of being with my family.

 Today I ordered another bottle of CBD Oil, so I can function b…

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