How does CBD Hemp Oil help inflammation heart disease, stress and anxiety

The word “inflammation” comes from Latin for “set afire."

Inflamed arteries are common among people with heart disease.

Did you know that stress causes anxiety and inflammation which leads to heart disease. I'm passionate about this topic because I had a Heart Valve repair last year and I have to constantly be on top of stress that leads to that "Fight or Flight" feeling, because it causes anxiety and high blood pressure. And, I don't want medication.  I love this company because their Hemp oil goes directly into my bloodstream after 30 seconds under my tongue and I immediately calm down and feel good. Look at the link and see what you think.

Stress and Anxiety are a factor of inflammation. Find some way to manage psychological and social stress so it isn’t preying on your mind. Get plenty of antioxidants.

100 % Hemp Oil with CBD reduces inflammation and handles my anxiety and stress levels, so I can feel good, without the High of Cannabis. And, it doesn't show in a drug test. 

Check out what I use. The only product on the market with the ability to go directly into the bloodstream after being under the tongue for 30 seconds. Other brands may cost less, but you must use a lot more to get that calm good feeling.