Building endurance, agility, strength and flexibility is the function of a ninja.  Feeding the mind with positive information helps one be completely aware, focused and ready to make quick decisions in an instant.

A ninjas extraordinary life requires physical, mental, and spiritual strength as well as a passion for something one is committed to.   That's Passionology. Whether it's dance, music, writing, singing, song writing, ice skating, Yoga, your kid,  car racing, starting a business, you name it.

What ever keeps your Spirits high, motivates you to overcome obstacles, forces you to move forward and helps you overcome failure, hopelessness, depression, desperation or burnout.   That's  Passionology and that's what a Passionology Ninja is all about. 

Right now as I wait to hear from the Producer who is working to get my story made into a mini series, I need to practice great patience and keep believing in the project as well as myself. 
http://passionology.primemybody.com/home/ I've fallen in love with Hemp Oil Extract. It keeps me feeling calm and gives me a sense of well being while I wait and stay active. It might seem expensive at $150.00 a bottle which can last a month or two depending on your needs. But staying vital and productive now is worth $5.00 a day.  

I love the word Passionology. My cousin Chuck believes he's a true Passionologist and is using his passion for his cars and racing to overcome stage 4 cancer. I took it to another level and added Ninja. Probably because my favorite show is American Ninja Warrior. Here is what it means to me to be a Passionology Ninja. Click below